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Offline Events


Event Services

  1. Event Consultancy

  2. Event Curation

  3. Event Management

4. Vendors Management

5. Marketing & Promotion

6. Design & Branding

Add-on Services

1. Stage Management

2. Talent Liaison

3. Event Photography

4. Event Videography

5. Advisory Halal Audit

6. Halal Consultancy 

7. Manpower Support

8. Logistic Coordination


Online Events

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MakBesar Raya Lockdown

A challenge during the Circuit Breaker period, nevertheless we wanted to help those our home-based business friends in difficult times.

We lined up program in tandem with our Garage commerce site.


Vendors Demography: Halal Food & Retail Home-based business 


24 Apr - 23 May (29 days)

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MakBesar PowerHouse Market
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MakBesar Powerhouse Market

Celebrate the month of love 💕with a 3 full days of back-to-back entertainment and goodies from powerbrands all under one roof!

Attendance per day: 10,000
No. of Vendors: 210
Venue Size: 3900 sqm
Vendors Demography: Halal Food & Retail SMEs & International Vendors

Suntec Convention Centre

14-16 Feb 2020 (3 days) 

Hybrid Streaming Services

1. Online & Hybrid Events Consultancy

2. Advertising

3. Livestreaming

4. Studio Rental

5. Design and Promotion

6. Technical Support

7. Mobile Streaming

8. Production and Media


MakBesar Originals

Content Creation Services

1. Programme Consultancy

2. Conceptualization

3. Scripting & Talent Casting

4. Original Artwork & Design

5. Promotion & Marketing

6. Production Management

7. Programme Report & Analytics

8. In-house Direction & Technical Support

9. Multi-platform Streaming

Confirm Tapau

Confirm Tapau is an online series dedicated for our

live streaming sale and auction clients. 


Nak Cepat Kaya

A 10-episode talkshow series where our client shares the importance of personal finance management.


Ongoing series shoutcasting gameplays, tournaments and a solace where our clients join us to relax.



"Today event was Superb & Marvellous.

Myself & Team, We really had an enjoyable time with good companies. We've met a lot of nice folks, enjoyed good music performances, mouthwatering food bites & scenic view."

— Name, Title

"GrandBite is the first event we have collaborated with Md Khair from HCRS. Through this event, I know his can be a good partner to carry out a bigger event in the near future. Keep it up!"

"Its 8.10pm and we’re out of Nachos & ChilliBeef mac & cheese...Thank you..for the overwhelming support for the 1st ever @makbesarsg event!"

— Name, Title

"We definitely enjoyed ourselves! Love the 'lepak n chill' concept."