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MakBesar is an Events and Media Agency set up by trio Haryani Othman, Firdaus Faisal and Lina Liyana who, despite having their respective careers and extremely busy schedule with 11 kids, 22 cats and 33 thousand idiotic friends among them to 'layan', decided that it will be great to run this fast growing company. True enuf', they are now seen with eye bags, bad skin, unshaven legs and sporadic rage cos of lack of sleep. But other than that they are happy to be doing this and receiving loads of support and doa from clients, vendors, partners, friends, families and cats alike. Alhamdulillah.

Our vision

Dream big, achieve bigger

To be the big-sized, influential, organised, respected, brave (and at times fierce) events and media agency that connects Muslim-friendly businesses & consumers in Singapore, SouthEast Asia and hopefully across the world, one prayer at a time.

Our mission

MakBesar Boleh Settle

MakBesar values commitment in all our engagements. Upon deciding “BOLEH”, our team will dedicate ourselves to service the needs of our stakeholders, until the point of “SETTLE”. No matter the scale, MakBesar Boleh Settle. InsyaAllah.

What's Going On?
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